DSL Speedtest - Brought to you by DSLReports.com

Step 1 PREP: These speed applets work using the official java.com plugin! if you have not already done so, we recommend you install the java.com plugin (visit, and click 'Get It Now'). The ancient Microsoft JVM bundled with Explorer, is NOT supported.
NEW: Use a simple applet to verify your Java version.

Step 2 Below should be an active JAVA APPLET. Click the start button and WAIT until the test is complete..

Step 3 The test may take up to 30 seconds.. after it is complete, the page will change to show the results. IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM GETTING A RESULT then please look at this FAQ page - Speed Test Problems?.

Wait at most a few seconds for applet window to initialize.
Applets tested and work on the java.sun.com (download) plugin.
» If the applet does not appear in your browser, try another browser.